Behind the scenes - Style Success Experience

September 12, 2019

Behind the scenes -  Style Success Experience

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes as to what is actually involved and the difference it makes to my clients?  Then read on, because I am sharing with you one of my clients experiences… Enjoy xx

The gorgeous woman who decided that she didn’t want to wait any longer is the lovely Christine.  Christine is a mother of 3 young children a wife and like so many of us, a super busy lady.  When Christine contacted me regarding the Style Success experience, she knew that enough was enough and wanted to start feeling confident in herself and what she wore.  Christine was stuck in a rut with her style and since having her children she was unsure of what her style was and what really suited her.  She had the same shopping habits as she did pre-kids and you know what, the woman that she was before she had kids isn’t who she is now.  You see, when we have kids or when we get a little older, we change and so does our style.  Things that we used to love and be able to wear aren’t necessarily what we want to wear anymore and our clothes simply don't’ feel like they suit us any longer!  And that is completely ok.  We have grown and we are not the same as we used to be.

Christine - Before...

Christine - After...

We began Christine’s experience with her Style consultation and wardrobe makeover.  The style consultation is an in-depth chat about her current style, what she loves and doesn’t love, her shopping habits, how she goes about choosing outfits, what she is comfortable in, colours that she wears, colours that she loves, what her lifestyle is like, what her budget is for the shopping session and what she is really wanting to “get out” of this experience.

We then talked about how she wants to be seen and what makes her feel great, as well as particular areas of her body that she loves and areas that she would like to minimise or not focus on.

This consultation is a very easy process for Christine and all of my clients, but it has a huge impact for me as I learn so much about her style, lifestyle and the direction that she is wanting to go in (even if my clients aren’t clear on this yet). This is such an important step for both of us!

Once we had finished our consultation, it was time to hit her wardrobe!  Christine tried everything on, showed me her go-to outfits, we talked about the stories and attachment that she had with certain pieces (Which, I absolutely love hearing about where pieces came from and the emotion behind them!  I love a good story so I was in my element!)  This is a really important step for clients to understand why they are holding onto pieces and why they really love certain garments.

We categorised her garments into our sections - LOVE, maybes (we come back to that pile after the shopping session), donate and repurpose.    Anything that simply doesn't cut it anymore, was not allowed back into her wardrobe!  Because really, why have it in there if you’re not going to feel great in it or even wear it!   


This is also where I get to be super creative and mix and match her current wardrobe to create brand new outfits!  I have never been into someones wardrobe and not found a whole range of new outfits that they have never tried!  I LOVE this part because we don’t need a big wardrobe to have ample choices!  We just need to know HOW to utilise and mix and match what we already own.  We also discuss ways to style certain pieces - e.g. cuffing jeans, how to make oversized knits or tops work for her shape plus any other pieces that she is unsure of how to style them.

This is really the beginning of a new style and look for Christine and it makes me so happy seeing her face light up when she sees herself in the mirror!! 

Once we have finished the wardrobe makeover, I create a list of particular pieces that need to be added to her wardrobe to suit and flatter her shape, style, budget and of course her lifestyle.  Something that Christine really loved is that even though we removed a lot of her clothing and accessories from her wardrobe, she actually had so many more outfit options!  This is where the excitement really grows! 

The countdown to the shop has started, and this is where I spend countless hours behind the scenes searching through stores and online to source the exact pieces that we need and that Christine will love! 

 For our shopping session, we both have a very clear understanding of what is needed to really complete her wardrobe.  Christine also had a clear image in her head of what she already owned and how she could style other pieces because of what she had been taught in her wardrobe makeover.  As I like to push my clients a little out of their comfort zone (because we all know that this is where the magic happens) I gave Christine pieces that I knew she would love as well as pieces that suited her new style and her shape, but these were garments that she would never have picked up.  To see her walk out of the change room with the biggest grin and saying “I LOVE IT!!!” makes me so damn happy!! If anyone thinks that clothing doesn’t have a huge impact on how we feel or hold ourselves, they have never witnessed or experienced this!!

Our shopping session didn’t just include clothes, it was also about accessories, shoes, bags and even lipstick.  Because an outfit and style isn’t just about clothing, it is the whole look! 

We chose shoes that were comfortable, practical, timeless and suited her style (which were also on sale so it saved her hundreds of dollars), we chose accessories that she can use to mix up her looks and ones that made each outfit really suit her new style!

Christine has never really worn lipstick or felt confident in choosing the colours, so we went in together, with the help of a gorgeous colour consultant and we selected two colours that were perfect for her skin tone as well as the colours of her wardrobe. 

The shopping session was absolutely incredible and Christine (and I) loved every minute of it! 


The following week we headed back into her wardrobe for a mix and match session!  This is where I took her existing wardrobe and mixed it in perfectly with her new pieces and created endless outfit options!

Christine now knows exactly what she has to wear, how to mix and match it, not only for the current season but all year round.  Christine has a clear understanding of her shape and what pieces are designed to flatter her, what her new style is, how to create new looks and how to style them, as well as understanding how to shop in the future for the right pieces.  No more settling for things that simply aren’t good enough!  


The shift in confidence that I have seen in Christine is incredible!  She loves the way she looks and is excited to go out on a date night with the hubby or even school drop offs and catch ups with friends! 


Take a look at what Christine had to say…

"WOW... I am so happy.  I purchased the style success package and Karina has put so much effort in.  With the wardrobe makeover I thought that will be easy as I clean out my wardrobe every 6 months.  I had a bed full of clothes that no longer fitted me and didn't suit my body anymore.  The shopping was the BEST.  Karina helped me find clothes that suited me and made me feel good about myself.  I held off for 3 years to do this style session.  I wish I had done it sooner.  Karina goes over and above for her clients.  Thank you so much Karina.  I feel like a new woman." 

Thank you again Christine for trusting me with your wardrobe and style!  I am so incredibly fortunate that I can help you the way that I did! 



If you have ever felt how Christine did, and you want to feel great in what you wear and confident in creating outfits that suit and flatter you, today is the day that you can take a step in the right direction!  Don’t wait any longer, feel great NOW!  Simply book in your experience HERE or if you would like more information CLICK HERE and we can schedule a FREE 15 minute style chat . 

I can’t wait to help you feel this good too! xx


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