Welcoming Dog & Boy to Personalised Style, we are so excited to have you!

September 22, 2016

Welcoming Dog & Boy to Personalised Style, we are so excited to have you!

Hi everyone, as you can see I am so excited to introduce you to our latest label here at Personalised Style, Dog & Boy designs!  I have admired Dog & Boy for quite some time, it all started when I stumbled across them on Instagram.  

When I found Dog & Boy, what I instantly fell in love with, was their unique and incredible designs!  These are not just the run-of-the-mill scarves, they have their own personality, they can transform your basics into a stunning outfit, and every scarf can be worn differently to showcase different colours!

Dog and Boy Designs | Large, oversized colourful scarves | unique designs

I have created some outfits using a few of their scarves, but please head over and take a look for yourself at just how versatile and beautiful these scarves are!  You can do that right HERE.  Plus, all of their scarves are delivered in a gift box along with a "wear us" brochure for inspirational ideas!
So before I show you some simple but very stylish ways to wear their scarves, I would love to introduce you to Sonya, and her son Nicky.  Sonya is the founder and mastermind behind Dog & Boy, and really is one very lovely lady! 


Introducing Sonya, and the story behind Dog & Boy...

You know how you stand in front of your wardrobe each morning saying, “I’ve got nothing to wear!”
What you’re actually saying is, “I’m bored with the clothes I have and I’ve run out of ideas on how to wear them.”
That’s the mystery dog&boy hopes to solve for you. 
Scarves can be more than just a practical accessory to keep your neck warm in the cooler months.  With a little creativity and a couple strategic knots and twists, your scarf can become a piece of your everday wardrobe taking you from a modest base of neutrals to statement sophisticated style with a splash of colour.
Adaptable and trans-seasonal, our limited-edition oversized scarves will bring something simple yet beautiful to your everyday wardrobe.
That’s why I was delighted when Karina asked me to be a part of Personalised Style to show you how a scarf can change and lift an outfit.
Scarves have always been a ‘thing’ for me.  Before dog&boy I worked in corporate for, *cough*, a long time.  I was always bored with the conventional black, navy or grey suit and white shirt that was the standard wear.  I wanted to add a little character, liven it up, create a statement. 
Dog&boy designs are bold, sophisticated and a little bit fun, that tell a thousand stories drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of every day. 
How often do we think about or are flooded with images and stories about getting away from the everyday to some exotic destination where all things are – or seem to be – beautiful.  But what about the everyday beauty all around us?
During the launch for dog&boy, I was devastatingly reminded of how fragile the beauty of everyday is.  My beautiful mum was diagnosed and passed away very soon after, from brain cancer. It was only after her passing did I find that mum was actually a frustrated sketch artist, and a pretty good one. I found sketch book after sketch book of her mostly botanical drawings and muses – a reflection of her love of the simple beauty of the things she loved and in everything she saw around her each and every day.  Some of her original sketches feature in dog&boy designs.
This is why dog&boy are privileged to give a percentage of sales from every dog&boy design sold to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, so that someone else’s mum, grandma, wife, loved one, may continue on their journey and enjoy the beauty, and love, of everyday.
But dog&boy isn’t just about some gorgeous fashion accessory. It’s about a journey, a story; and not just about my story of the beauty of every day, it could be anyone’s. Everyone has been touched by love, loss, joy and a hint of magic.
Our designs tell a thousand stories of the simple beauty that is around us every day, but with our busy hectic lives we don’t pause often enough to enjoy, to take a breath, to laugh, to look up or to breathe deeply and just smile.


Below, I have put together some outfit inspirations, to show you how easily you can dress up, and complete your look with simply adding a Dog & Boy scarf to it!.....

If you feel like a big hit of colour, or just a little?  This is the one for you!  Plus with so many colours in this scarf, you can really change the way it looks with your outfits, and also your mood!

Take me Away | Hot air balloon scarf | monochrome with a hit of colour

Shop the "Take me Away" Scarf Here.

Are you a little tired of your go-to black and white outfits for work??  Make a change, and a stylish one at that, with the Big Apple scarf!  With the beautiful hint of red, this one can completely transform your wardrobe!

The Big Apple | Dog and Boy designs | Black, red and white scarf

Shop the "Big Apple" scarf Here

Because you're worth it! Because this will carry you through the changing trends, because it is simply stunning, or just because!   From pastels to vibrant colours, this one has it all!  Complete your outfits with this beauty, and you will love your look every time you pop it on!

Because | Dog and Boy Designs | scarf outfits | pastel and fluro

Shop the "Because" Scarf Here

I hope you have enjoyed our introduction to Dog & Boy, and I can't wait to start creating more looks for our Styling clients with these gorgeous scarves!

You can take a look at their full collection right Here....


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