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Hi there you gorgeous Ladies, I am Lynara, the owner and cosmetic tattoo artist at Inksista, and daily, I am saving women hours of time, while making them look gorgeous!

As we know, people are becoming very aware of eyebrows, and the impact they have on defining our faces. My objective is to create an individually tailored look for every client that I have the pleasure of working on! Based on their face shape, eyes and personality. A beautiful set of brows is the new best fashion accessory to compliment any outfit you may be rockin!

Eyebrows done correctly can frame a face perfectly! Done incorrectly can age, sharpen, harden and exaggerate features of your face that you might be actually trying to draw attention away from i.e. if you feel like your face is long, too round or even wide. The basic rule of thumb is, for an oval face, we try to achieve a flatter brow as not to lengthen the face, a round face we try to lengthen by creating higher, more exaggerated arches, and for a wide face we shorten the brows ever so slightly, to draw attention to the centre of the face, taking the attention away from the width.

So ladies, when you go to your beauty therapist for your waxing please "be fussy" you can ask to change the shape or to grow your brows back in, or to reshape them. I am a beauty therapist, and I love nothing more than creating a new look for someone with their eyebrows, I've had women come to see me and show me pictures of what the want, this is great! In saying this, I am always honest with my suggestions, as in, if a client with maybe a long face comes and asks me to create some high arches I will explain why it might not be such a great idea, they can still have a beautiful arch, it just needs to compliment their face. So it really does pay to be fussy, and to make sure you actually receive what you would like, and what suits you!

When we think of cosmetic tattooing, we immediately think of those horrible little blue semi circles that women have been wearing for their eyebrows, for the past 20 years. My objective is to change that!

Cosmetic tattooing techniques have become extremely advanced in the past few years. It is now more natural looking than ever before! The advantage of these procedures (eyebrow feather touch, eyeliner, and lip liner or full lip) is that once it has been done, you no longer have to waste your time in the mirror of a morning! Woohooo spare time for a cheeky coffee :)!
The average woman spends 2 years of her life applying makeup! Crazy right?! And roughly 250 years, for those of us with enough patience for winged eyeliner!

All the procedures I offer are semi permanent, meaning they fade over time. Also, meaning you have the option to change the colour, shape and thickness over the years to suit your face, fashion and personality as they too change!
I've even had clients tell me they feel like they have had a facelift after having their eyebrows tattooed! There is nothing better in this world than boosting a woman's confidence! I love my job!
Lynara xx

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