School drop-offs in STYLE...

January 20, 2017

School drop-offs in STYLE...

It's time to drop the kids off at school again, and this will actually be my first year of Primary School drop off.  I can't believe Ned is going to School!  Where on earth did that time go?!  

I have created a selection of outfits to give you a great idea on how to be comfortable, but also very stylish when you are dropping off/picking up the kids! And also share some tips and advice on simple swaps that can be made to your outfit that will make a big impact to your look.  Enjoy!.... 

These style tops (below) are perfect for that comfortable and relaxed feel, because they are just so easy to wear! I have added in the old faithful denim jacket, which will give the top a more casual look, and also a little structure and shape.  Really, you can't go wrong with a denim jacket! You just need to make sure that it's giving you the shape you want, and also fits your body really well! Maybe you need a cropped jacket, or a relaxed fit? There are so many style options out there, and in different colours, so be picky, and find the one that is perfect for you!  The little flats that I have chosen are another great essential to have, they are dressy enough that you can wear them to dinner, meetings, work, but can be easily dressed down so you can wear them to the school drop-offs without looking over-the-top dressy.  It's that perfect balance that I like to create!  

Another great idea for your School drop-off/pick-ups is to have a great bag or wallet, something that is big enough to fit paper work/forms in, but also really easy to hold!  In the outfits I have created, I have added in some of my recommendations, that can really go with you anywhere!  School drop-offs, to work, to dinner, and everything in between. 

School drop-offs and pick ups in styleEarrings from Personalised Style
Top from Decjuba
Jacket from Forever New
Jeans from Seed
Oversized wallet from Personalised Style
Nail polish from Essie
Shoes from Jo Mercer


For a lot of my clients, they are looking for that in-between style, the style that they need for everyday, that isn't over the top, but also isn't overly casual either! And School drop-offs/pick-ups is something that they really struggle with! What I teach my clients is how they can utilise what they already own, and what they need to add to their wardrobe to make it really versatile. I also like to make sure that what I suggest to them is comfortable enough for everyday wearing, and that also suits their budget!

The tie up styles are so popular at the moment and can look really flattering, and the handy thing is, is that there are quite a lot to choose from so if you love them, you can go crazy with them.  And feel free to have the excuse, "my stylist told me to buy them"  I'm happy to back you up! Haha!  I also love this look because of how easy it is to simply throw everything together and you'll be dressed, ready and stylish within minutes! It doesn’t need to take a long time to have great style, you just need to know what to look for when shopping, and confidence in what to put together. Once you love your style, the rewards are amazing!

Denim dress with waist tie.  Outfit ideas for School drop-offs and pick-ups

Earrings and ring from Personalised Style
Dress from Forever New
Sunnies and Hat from Seed
Makeup and nail polish from Witchery
Leather wallet and tote from Personalised Style
Shoes from Betts


What a beautiful colour this is!  And I really love it teamed back with the navy shorts to calm down the brightness of the top.  This is another style of top that is so easy to wear, and it is also a really versatile top to have in your wardrobe.  For a dressier look, pop on some heels, jeans and a nice jacket and you're all sorted!  

One of the biggest things that I think about when I'm creating outfits for my clients is what areas they would like to enhance, and also any areas that they would like to minimise.  Then I create outfits that really work for them and what they are wanting to achieve.  It's all about distracting the eye and guiding people to look where you want them to look.  So often, people try to 'cover up' the areas that they don't like, but really what happens is they are generally bringing attention there.  Think about what you can do to distract peoples eyes, and where you would like them to look.  Is it a really cool hat and sunnies, or a beautiful clutch that will take the attention away, or simply some well placed jewellery that sits in the perfect spot?  Always remember that the finer details are so important to your entire look, so make them work for you!

School pick up drop off outfit ideas

Necklace and ring from Personalised Style
Top from Country Road
Shorts from Seed
Body glow and earrings from Sportsgirl
Leather clutch from Personalised Style
Shoes from Novo


This outfit is perfect for all the mums who would like to know some quick swaps and adjustments that they can make to their outfit to make it look a lot less like the office, and a lot more like a fun and casual school pick-up. It is also comfy enough that you can have a little play around with the kids, and not feel restricted by your clothing. Things like the awesome silver sneakers, the watch, the casual tan Hobo bag, and the jewellery can really make such a huge difference! To think that all you really need to do is swap a few things (which you can keep in the car to save you a lot of time!) and you will have a professional outfit and also something that is perfect for a school pick up!
Office to school pick up.  Outfits for mums. Working mums. Personal Stylists
Sunnies and bag from Sportsgirl
Earrings from Najo
Top and watch from Decjuba
Makeup and polish from Withcery
Necklace and ring available from Personalised Style
Sneakers from Seed


So when you're out (or online) next, think about what you need, but also what you already own and purchase pieces that will not only mix and match, but that can be dressed up and down, so that you know you are going to get the wear out of them, and they don't simply sit in your wardrobe!  
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And if you would like to have outfits created specifically for you, or you would love to have a Personal Stylist style and shop with you, head over to our Styling Services and select the service that best suits you.  I am more that happy to discuss the best options with you, and if you would like any more information, please contact me here.  xx

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