Top 10 reasons why cleaning out your wardrobe is not just great for your home, but also for your health.

February 04, 2019

Top 10 reasons why cleaning out your wardrobe is not just great for your home, but also for your health.


1 - Say goodbye to the negativity that is sitting in your wardrobe!

For many of us who are holding onto clothing that you used to wear, but don’t want to get rid of it because ‘one day’ you will fit into them again (don’t worry, before I was a Stylist, I used to hold onto those things too) I strongly urge you to get rid of them!  If you have held onto them for any more than a couple of years, you’re probably not going to even like them when you put them on anyway.  Plus, you want to celebrate, not punish yourself for being who you are!  If you feel like you really can’t let go of them, put them away somewhere else that you can’t see them!  Don’t ever let them stay in your wardrobe!


2 - LOVE how you look NOW

I cannot stress this enough!  It is so important for your mental health to LOVE how you look right now!  Not when you lose/gain weight, when you have the money to go shopping, or anything else that you are waiting for.  You WILL have clothes in your wardrobe that make you feel good, right now, exactly how you are!  Be proud of yourself and dress in a way that makes you feel great!


3 - It feels so much cleaner

We all know how good it feels when we have spring cleaned our homes, and your wardrobe is no different!  And because we go there at least once every single day, you want it to feel clean, fresh and easy to use! 


4 - Make way for new pieces that are perfect for you and your lifestyle

When your wardrobe has been cleaned out, there will be room for you to add pieces, when you’re ready, that are perfect for you and your lifestyle!  When your wardrobe is all cluttered and overflowing, you can’t see what is in there, and great pieces are hidden away!


5 - You will learn how to shop smarter and will purchase what you actually need.

It is amazing what happens when you can clearly see what is in your wardrobe and what is missing!  It makes shopping so much easier, and you will come home with the exact pieces that you need.  No more buying, spending, hoping that it will work out! 


6 - Saves you time 

You will save minutes, and hours collectively, when your wardrobe is decluttered and functional.  Think about how long you spend every day deciding what to wear.  Build that time up over a year, or even a month, and it really starts to add up!  When you have decluttered, and given your wardrobe a makeover that it deserves, you will be able to easily see what you have in there, and you will be able to make your decisions so much easier, and quicker!


7 - Makes mix and matching easier

 Most people feel so overwhelmed by what they have in their wardrobe, that they end up just choosing the same few outfits over and over again, because it’s too hard to look through and create anything else!  But when you can see everything, you have so many more options, and it is easier to start putting new looks together. 


8 - It can MAKE you MONEY

If you have clothing that is still in really good condition, think about selling it!  Places like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace are really good places to start, and then you have sites that are dedicated to it, just like Carousell.  You can also choose to sell your items on eBay and Gumtree too.  You have plenty of options to choose from, it just depends on which one suits you the best.  

9 - It can improve someone else’s life

Another option, if you are not wanting to sell your clothing is to hand it in to one of your local opportunity shops.  This can really help someone else with their wardrobe!  Just because you don’t love it, doesn’t mean that no one else will!  It may be exactly what another woman is looking for!


10 - It makes you feel free and less stressed.

Honestly the difference that this makes to your day to day life is so powerful!  All of my clients say to me that it’s like a weight that’s been lifted!  They feel so much more calm and relaxed in the morning when they are getting ready, they feel organised, have more free time, and are actually mix and matching their outfits!!  #ThatsWhatWomenWant  



Wardrobes and choosing what to wear each day should be easy, enjoyable and fun!  If you feel like this is exactly what you need, but unsure of how to do it yourself, or you simply don’t have time to do it, feel free to TAP HERE to take a look at my wardrobe makeover options, or head over to Instagram or Facebook and send me a message.  I also have payment options available for my Styling Services to make life a little easier!


I absolutely love hearing from my readers, so you’re more than welcome to just pop by and say hi!  


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Thanks so much for being here, and start taking action today!  Your future self will thank you for it!


Karina Dyer - Your Personal Stylist

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