Top 3 fashion trends for Winter 2017

June 01, 2017

Top 3 fashion trends for Winter 2017

Winter, in my opinion is the BEST season.  Only for the fashion though, I don't actually deal very well with the cold!  Luckily, I know how to dress for it, so I stay warm and stylish!  And that's exactly what I want for you! 

Last month my Styling Clients were given outfits to suit the coming cold months, and this month, I will be delving a little deeper into layering, winter essentials and how to mix and match what is already in their wardrobe!   If you would like to learn what suits your shape and style, you can head over to our Styling Services and join them!  I'd love to give you personalised advice!

I have chosen 3 of the most simple and stylish trends for you, so that you know how to dress for the season, stay warm, and of course look stylish!  Enjoy xx....


Tonal layering | Winter fashion trends 2017 | Stylist top picks

I will start with one of the biggest trends, and one of the easiest ways to really give your look a well styled finish... It is TONAL LAYERING!  There are so many benefits of tonal layering, like.... It makes you appear taller, it is easy to mix and match, it takes minimal effort (because getting dressed in the morning should be very quick and easy!), when you're out shopping, it is easy to know what will go with what, and of course, you walk out of your wardrobe knowing you are looking very stylish! 
(To my clients, you will be receiving some more tips and secrets about tonal layering this month! xx)


Bomber jacket winter trends 2017 | Personalised Style | What to wear this winter

The second top trend is the FLORAL BOMBER JACKET...  The Bomber Jacket has been popular for a little while now.  It started with the basic block colours, but florals have started to take over and are now huge!  Which is great, because they are really easy to wear.  Simply pop on your essentials, and throw on the bomber, and you're ready to go!  There are so many out at the moment, which is perfect, because it means you have a lot of choice and you will be able to find one that suits your personality, shape and style.  If a heavy print isn't for you, there are a lot available that have just a little detail on the front, with a larger print on the back.  Just make sure you give it go, you might be pleasantly surprised at how this Winter trend can really suit you!  One thing I love about the floral bomber, is that it can be easily dressed up, or you can simply pair it back with blue denim, sneakers and a tee.  There are also lots of different weights in the jackets, so if you find yourself always on the cold side, choose something a little heavier, and if you find you are always on the warmer side, there are some beautiful light weight bomber jackets that will be perfect for you!  If you would like to know what suits you the best, you can join our happy and stylish Clients, by heading to Personalised Style and selecting the Styling Service that best suits you.  (They start at as little as $50, but not for long! So be quick!)


Parka jacket | Winter fashion trends 2017 | Personalised Style | Personal Stylist

The final, and my favourite is the PARKA JACKET!  The reason this would be my favourite is because I am a very busy mum, and it is just so practical!  I can bend down to pick up the kids, it keeps me warm, and it has enough room in there to move around easily!  And of course, it looks on trend and really flattering!  That is, if you know which one to go for!  When you are shopping for a parka jacket, there are so many choices out there that it can end up being quite overwhelming.   I suggest to make sure there is a drawstring in the right place for your shape.  Most will be on the outside, which is fine, but there are also some that are hidden on the inside, which is even better!  Having a draw string can give you more freedom when you are layering clothes underneath, because it can still give you shape, instead of just adding bulk.  Another little tip for when you're shopping for a parka, is that if you're not a huge fan of the fur look, make sure you check if it is removable or not!  You don't want to miss out on the perfect jacket because of the trim!  Most of them you can remove, so please don't bypass it!  What I also go through with my clients, is the length of the parka.  You need to make sure that the length is perfect for your own shape! xx


I hope you have enjoyed my top 3 trends for Winter 2017!   If you are on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, be sure you are following us, to keep up to date with all things style!  Enjoy your Winter trends this year, and just have fun with them!  Shopping and creating outfits should be enjoyable, not a headache!

Stay warm and Stylish,

Karina Dyer xxx


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