Top Autumn trends for 2018

February 21, 2018

Top Autumn trends for 2018

Hi ladies, if you're looking to update a few key pieces in your wardrobe, take a look through my top 3 Autumn trends for 2018, to make shopping a little easier for you!

This season you will see a lot of brighter colours than usual, so on the colder days, don’t be scared to stand out with some bright or bold colours!

Your main goal for the next few months is to have some fun with your style! Try pieces that you wouldn’t normally try, create new looks from what you already own, and simply enjoy yourself! That’s what styling and fashion is all about! You need to get dressed every day, so why not enjoy it and have fun!

If you would like personalised suggestions and advice, join my E-Styling clients for either monthly or seasonal styling. Or book in for a one on one Styling Session.  This way, you will know exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe, and also what suits your style, shape, budget and lifestyle!


 Trend 1. MUSTARD

Mustard | Australian trends for Autumn 2018 | Personal Styling Sydney, Melbourne

For many women, even just the thought of wearing mustards makes them head in the opposite direction, because they feel like this colour is just not for them.  If this sounds like you, don't worry, I have the tricks to help make this colour work for you…

If you absolutely love it anyway, go for it in a big way this season! However, if you're not super keen on wearing it, but still love the look, simply wear another colour close to your face. Because colour changes when put next to another colour. Maybe you need a black necklace or even some gorgeous statement drop earrings in another colour, or simply some lippy? It might be as simple as even wearing a jacket with it.
For me, mustard is definitely not one of "my" colours, but I love it, so I’ll wear it anyway because I know how to make the colour change against my skin. And that is exactly what you can do too!  

And remember, you can also have fun with some mustard coloured accessories, which is always a great way to add the latest trends to your wardrobe without breaking the bank! 



Personal Styling Sydney, Melbourne | Autumn trends for Australia 2018 | Denim Jackets

Yes, you are going to see these everywhere again this year, but they have had their very own makeover, which is really exciting!  My favourite one is definitely the black denim jacket, which Decjuba have released an absolute stunner this season!  The black denim blazer!  Outfit for you below, with the Decjuba link so you can shop it all really easily!

You will also see even more embroidery and distressed hems on the jackets, and also varied cuts and styles so there is definitely something for you this season.  If you would like an extra tip on how to style them, click HERE to take a look at my tip on Facebook.


Trend 3.  SMALL BAGS

Autumn trends for Australia 2018 | Personal Styling | Stylists in Melbourne, Sydney | Shopping and wardrobe makeovers

They really are the perfect accessory to finish off your look!  I recommend choosing the ones with a shoulder strap, so you can still have your hands free!  I always think that it's best for you to choose a bag that you can easily mix and match with everything, so keep this in mind when you're looking to purchase one.  Although, if you already own great staple pieces, and are looking for something a little different, by all means, go for it and have fun! 


I have created an outfit for you combining these top trends which can easily be worn as an everyday style, or you can easily dress it up for an evening look.  The links to each piece are below.  And feel free to keep scrolling to see my other hot finds!



Shop this look at...



Personalised Style



Jo Mercer


Take a look at some of my other hot finds for Autumn!  Enjoy...

Pull overs, dresses and tanks at SEED

Seed Style | Mustards | top Autumn trends 2018

Image credit - Seed


Add just a little mustard to your outfit with French Connection

French Connection | Personalised Style | Autumn trends 2018

Image credit - French Connection


Have a play with colours and small bags at Colette Hayman

Image credit - Colette Hayman


Denim, Denim, Denim at Decjuba.  Make sure you check it out!  They have a great range of different styles!

Image credit - Decjuba


I hope you have enjoyed my top Autumn trends, and that you are now ready to head into your wardrobe and have some fun with it!  If you would like some personalised help with your style, feel free to contact me HERE, or head to my Styling Packages to check out all of your styling options!

And make sure you are following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends and styling tips and tricks!  

Karina - Your Personal Stylist xx


Please note that when purchasing via some of the links provided, I will receive a small kick back as a thank you from them.  This is at no cost to you at all.  It just helps me continue to bring you all of these styling tips and tricks xx

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