Top Style Buys - May 18 edition

May 17, 2018

Top Style Buys - May 18 edition


Welcome to the very first edition of Top Style Buys!  Each month, I will share with you my top style buys,  which will vary on price, style, colours, sizings and labels.  So make sure you keep up to date each month!  If you're not on our free stylish email list yet, join HERE so you never miss out!  If there is anything you would like me to find, let me know and I will keep an eye out, and hopefully feature it on here for you!

The one thing that these pieces will have in common, is that they will be a great addition to your wardrobe, and you will be able to mix and match them, dress them up or dress them down.  Because I understand just how important it is to have a wardrobe that really works for you!

If you think they will be perfect for you too, simply click the link below the image and it will take you straight to where you can purchase them!
You will notice that some of them have a * next to them. This simply means that if you do purchase something from them, I receive a little kick back as a thank you.  I promise it doesn’t cost you any extra, all it does is help me continue to bring you styling tricks, tips and advice for free.

Enjoy ladies xx


The first top buy for the month are these awesome shoes from Kmart! They are seriously comfy! The first time I wore them was to the zoo. I walked around all day and my feet never even hurt!  I did take a spare pair of other sneakers just in case, because I assumed they would hurt, but nope, they were so perfect! They have seriously been amazing!!
They also come in a patent leather look in blush pink.

Where: Kmart
Price : $20



These babies are again, really comfy, but they are also really soft, so they feel ridiculously good on!  They have paneling details around the knees and a small exposed zip on the cuff.  They are the perfect go-to jean!  Plus, they are only $65!  Which is amazing considering how they feel!  So if you're in the hunt for some new jeans, make sure you check these ones out! 

 Ladies fashion jeans | Comfortable everyday style

Price: $65



I am loving this check blazer from Decjuba!  You can easily dress her up or down by changing what's on the bottom of your outfit.  It would work perfectly as a weekend look by wearing the jeans that I mentioned above, plus some cool sneakers, and a basic tee.  Or you could choose to dress it up with coated black jeans, heels, a silk cami and a clutch!  The other reason I love this particular jacket is that you can easily wear it all year round because the colour can adapt easily to any season.  These are the things that you need to think about when purchasing the right pieces for your wardrobe.  How many times can you wear it? And how many other outfits can you create with it?

Where: *Decjuba
Price: $139.95



This month I have chosen a classic and beautiful set of earrings and a matching ring.  These pieces are made from polymer clay, which has been hand rolled and created by the beautiful Georgie from "I am Her".  Being hand rolled means no two pieces will ever be the exact same.  I love knowing that something is completely unique!  
It is so important to have jewellery that you can wear with everything, because it's the small details that make such a difference to an outfit, but a lot of women either forget to pop them on, or aren't sure what goes with what.  With this set, accessorising is now super easy, and still very stylish! 


Price: Ring $25 Earrings $20



I couldn't go past the stunning leather and hide purse called Alex.  Isn't she beautiful!  This incredibly stylish purse has plenty of room for your cards, notes and coins.  She is also perfect to use as a clutch because you really want to show this baby off!  
PLUS Kenzii are giving all of my readers FREE SHIPPING!  Really, who doesn't love free shipping!!  Simply enter the code PStyleFreeShip at their checkout.  How lovely of them to do that for us, so make sure  you head over and check out their range!  

 kenzii collective leather and hide purse

Where: *Kenzii
Price: $109


And there you have it, my top style buys for the month of May!  Each month I will post my top buys for you so you can check out some of the latest/most practical/stylish items out there!  Enjoy shopping ladies! 

Karina xx

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