Top Spring trends for 2018

September 30, 2018

Top Spring trends for 2018

Hi ladies, if you're looking to update a few key pieces in your wardrobe, take a look through some of my top picks for Spring 2018.  It will make shopping a little easier for you!

This season you will see a lot of flowing dresses, pastels, khaki, linen, prints, knots and more.  Sometimes, all of these different trends can feel a little overwhelming to try to keep up with, so instead of listing every single trend, I have selected my top picks that can easily be added to your own wardrobe! Plus, these trends will be around for a long time, so you know you're safe to invest in them!

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Enjoy xx


 Trend 1. Lavender

trends to wear in Australia Spring 2018 | Personal Stylist Melbourne

What a perfect colour for Spring!!  There have been small additions of this colour and deeper purples around, especially that it was so popular on many of the fashion runways in 2018, but it has finally hit most of our stores!  Which means, you can start adding hints of this colour, either full colour or in prints to your outfits and wardrobe!  If this shade isn't normally what you would go for, you could either use it in your accessories, change to a deeper purple, just like the Pantone colour of the year, or swap it for another soft and beautiful pastel colour.  Pastels are everywhere, so you won't have trouble finding a substitute!  

This colour is all about having a little fun with your outfit throughout Spring and Summer.  You can easily team this shade with your light denim for a simple and stylish look, and it looks seriously stunning with silver accessories! 


Trend 2.  Tortoise Shell Accessories

One of the hottest jewellery trends right now is the tortoise shell!  So I thought it would only be fair for you ladies, if I stock some on my online store!!  #yourewelcome 

One of the best things that I love about this trend is how simple it is to add it to your wardrobe!! Most of us have so much black, grey and white in our wardrobe, so these will work in perfectly!  But don't be afraid to try it with other colours and prints too!  Accessories are the part of the outfit that is easy to show your personality and style!  So go crazy with them, and have some fun!  

If you would like to take a look at my top picks of tortoise shell earrings, click HERE 


Trend 3.  Khaki

Trends to wear for Spring 2018 Australia |  Personal Stylists Melbourne

The other colour of the season, which is always a favourite of mine is khaki!  And I am loving all of the different styles of dresses that can be found!  One of my all time favourites is the gorgeous "Ida" dress (Middle image that Natalie from Miracle Mama is wearing) from Finding Allyse boutique! This will be the most comfortable dress in your wardrobe!  And it is so easy to dress up and down, simply by changing your jewellery, clutch/bag and heels/sandals!

If you have been following me for the last month or so, you would have seen the recent photoshoot that I was the stylist for - #MamasofmelbEDIT for Motherhood Melbourne, which this dress was featured.  It is also available in blush pink, if you prefer a little pink!  If you haven't checked out the photoshoot, click HERE and take a look!

Khaki is one of those colours that will work in so well with many pieces that are already in your wardrobe, and being a colour that won't go out of style, you know that when you purchase it, you will be able to wear it over and over again!

I love to pair it back with mustard shoes or jewellery, but if you prefer to keep it simple, you could team it with black, white, grey and browns.  But I'd say, just give it a go with a lighter colour for Spring and Summer!


I trust that you have enjoyed my top Spring trends for 2018, and you can start to inject some more of these colours and styles into your wardrobe!  If you haven't worn them before, please give them a go, they might just turn out to be your favourite pieces in your wardrobe!!

And BEFORE YOU GO, if you are not part of "The Style Group" don't wait any longer!  It's a women only group and it's FREE to join!  You will also have the opportunity to ask me any of your styling questions, all while being part of a super stylish community!!  Simply click the image below.

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Karina - Your Personal Stylist xx

Images sourced from Pinterest, and Jess Worrall Photography 

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