Finding your true style...

April 05, 2018

Finding your true style...

Karina Dyer | Your Personal Stylist | Finding my true style |

Feel like you're stuck in a style rut?
Have you lost your sense of Personal Style but have no time to spend on working out what you actually like?
Has your lifestyle or career changed and you want your style to reflect the person who you are now?

Well, there’s good news: Creating a style that you love, doesn’t have to be really hard! With the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, you can easily step out with style, and feel great about it every day! All without spending hours and hours trying to figure it all out yourself!

Download this FREE “finding your true style worksheet”, and I’ll walk you through how to use it right now in this very blog post. When you're done, you'll know exactly how to create your true style, what to look for when you're out shopping, what might be missing and what can be used in your wardrobe to create it!

Are you ready? Let’s get into it…


Understanding what styles you're attracted to.

Your style evolves, just like you do. Which is why it is so important to check in regularly with your true style.  Knowing your style is not just a matter of looking at an outfit and thinking “yeah that looks good, I’ll wear that.” It is so much more! You want to understand WHY you like it?  Your subconscious is telling you why you're attracted to a particular outfit or piece, and if you follow my steps, you are going to learn how to listen to that, instead of buying the same pieces over and over again!  So if you haven’t already, download your FREE guide HERE and let’s go…


How to use your “Finding your true style worksheet”

In the download you will see your “Finding your true style" worksheet and the “discover your style" Lookbook. I suggest to print off your "Finding your true style" worksheet, so you have it on hand while you read this blog and complete the steps.

Find your style worksheet and lookbook | Personal Styling

Begin with reading through the different style characters which are on the left hand side or your "find your true style" worksheet, so you are familiar with the options you have.  I have left some blank spaces down the bottom of the table for you to add your own style category, e.g. corporate, rockstar, vintage etc.
Then begin looking at each image, from 1 through 15.  For each image, you need to gauge how you feel about it.  And I mean the overall feel and how it resinates with you.  Because sometimes, you wouldn’t wear that exact outfit, but there is still something about it that you like, and this is what you need to work out.  Eg.  Look at image 1, and if you like the look of it because it feels classic, relaxed and stylish, go to the first column and tick those style characters.  But if you look at the outfit and think “nope, there is absolutely nothing that I like about this”, and it doesn’t attract to you at all, simply don't tick anything and move on to the next outfit.
Please keep in mind that everyone is completely different, so if you are ticking lots of different categories, or just one, it’s all ok!

Let’s add it up…

Once you have gone through the 15 images and ticked the style characters that resinated with you, you may just see a trend of what you are attracted to.  Now, you can add up your ticks for each style character. And narrow down the 3 most ticked characters.

Find your true style worksheet | Personal Styling Australia

Below your worksheet, you will see a space for you to write about these characters. This is where you need to describe what you “picture” when you think of that word, and also how it makes you feel/why you like it. 

For myself as an example, when I think of edgy, I think of darker and strong colours, pieces with structure and a point of difference, and it makes me feel confident, capable and in control.

This may be completely different to you, and that is perfectly fine! It’s actually a really good thing to have your own interpretation of each style character. This is why when I style my clients, I discuss this in detail, because you can never assume that you know what someone means when they say, “I want to look feminine, or sexy, or have a classic style”.

So go ahead and start picking apart exactly what you think/feel and how you would describe that style. And be honest with yourself. The more time you spend on it, the clearer your outcome will be.

Last but definitely not least…

Now that you have your top 3 style characters and understand what each character really means to you, you can start finding these in your own wardrobe.

Go through each piece you own and see if it aligns with the style that you love.  When you're out shopping and looking to add something to your wardrobe, make sure it ticks your style character boxes. 
Knowing this and picturing what each piece does for you, will help you shift your mindset of shopping, and it will stop you from purchasing that same top over and over again.
You will also be able to create more outfits in less time and with ease, because you now know what needs to be added. 

Creating your style can be a gradual process, by simply changing your wardrobe to only pieces that suit, and when you shop, only purchase pieces that align with your new style.  You might need to add some pieces with softer colours or fabrics to make your wardrobe look more feminine, or maybe pieces with structure to make it look edgy?  Keep going back to your worksheet and read through your own comments to maintain your focus!  


Step out with style…

Now that you understand your style, shopping and getting dressed everyday just got so much easier, and a whole lot more stylish for you!  The confidence that comes with knowing your true style is amazing, so step out with style and enjoy it!

You can also join in the fun and share your results on Instagram stories or your posts and tag me @personalised_style so I can join in the fun and check out your results!  I would love to hear how you went with this, and if it was helpful to you and your style!  Head to Instagram and tag away xx

Looking to really update your style?  Well you need to take a look at our Styling services that are available for you...  Receive online help from me HERE, or a Personalised 1-1 Styling Service  You and you style will love it!   


Thanks again for taking the time to read this, and enjoy your new style!! 

Karina xx

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