Welcome to Personalised Style...

Hi!  Thank you so much for popping over to take a little look into Personalised Style and who is behind it all!
My name is Karina, owner of Personalised Style, qualified and experienced Personal Stylist, Wife to Paul and Mum to my gorgeous young boys, Ned and Hugo.
My Personal Styling life began when I was pregnant with my second son Hugo.  I could probably say that it started when I was a young child because any spare time I had, I just wanted to shop and try clothes on and create new looks.  But technically, it started while Hugo was taking up heaps of room in my belly. 
As I mentioned, I always had such a love for shopping and creating new looks, but what I really loved about it was the emotions that were behind it all.  From when I would be feeling flat, to then changing my outfit and feeling great, the confidence that came from particular clothing, the radiant smile when wearing something a little different, right through to the way i walked when I would put on my favourite shoes.  I was never someone who had a lot of everything, but my goodness, my clothes worked hard for me and I had plenty of choices! 
All of this stopped pretty suddenly for me though.  When I fell pregnant with my first child Ned, I took to dressing for my pregnant belly quite well. But it was once I had Ned that it all changed and I had no clue at all of what to do!  My body had morphed into something that was so far from what I had ever had.  Not only had my physical shape changed, but my emotional state and also my personality.  I was not the person who I was before I was pregnant.
Every single day, I was uncomfortable in what I wore.  Even when I started getting back into my clothes that I used to wear, they didn’t feel right.  I had changed.  But I also had no idea how to get it back, which was awful, considering I used to jump at the chance to go shopping with my girlfriends or spend some time in my own wardrobe picking out what to wear!
What really shook me was when I decided to go shopping for some jeans.  I took in 5 pairs that day, tried on the first one - didn’t fit, second one - didn’t feel right, third one - no good - 4th one, gross - 5th one, worse than the others…  I just sat in that change room and cried.  (those feelings are still so raw)
When I got home, I was still devastated that I hadn’t come home with something nice, but instead of continuing to feel awful about myself I decided to learn how to fix it.  I started looking up Personal Styling courses.  Thinking that I would just do it for myself and get out of this awful style rut that I was in.  There were so many courses that I could do!  Online courses, 2 or 3 day courses, 2 week courses.  But then I came across the Australian Style Institute which was both face to face and online training that was for 18 months.  They would teach me not only everything that I need to know about the physical side to Personal Styling but also the psychology of styling and clothing, which is so incredibly important!
I thought to myself, surely I’m not the only one out there feeling like this??
And this is where Personalised Style all began!  I trained and researched and built up my experience and was able to help other women who were feeling lost with their style, and of course I was able to transform how I felt about myself and understand what changes I had to make in my wardrobe so that I felt great and like me again! Funny enough, I actually didn’t even need to go out and get much more than I already had!  All I needed to do was mix and match differently, look at what I owned differently and really understand me and my new style!
I was a different woman! I felt amazing again, I had confidence again, I was a much better Mum, Wife and friend!  All because of understanding what clothes can do for us.
I now am able to share my knowledge and experience with women everywhere, and to see their ecstatic faces when they walk out of a change room wearing something they never would have chosen, but absolutely loving what they see in the mirror, is something that I will never take for granted. 
I want Styling to be something that is available for all women, everywhere, and I have made that possible now with my Styling Services in Victoria and NSW and the newly release STYLE MAG!  So let's all spread the word, let me teach you how you can love your style and let's all be happy, confident, and rock our individual style together!