I’m your easy-going Personal Stylist and my goal is to help you LOVE your style and feel amazing everyday!  I understand that being “perfectly” dressed head-to-toe everyday isn’t always possible because, well, life is busy!  BUT for the majority of our time we need to wear an outfit, we are seeing people even if it’s to our kids school drop off, or catching up with friends and family, or doing our day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping.  You want your outfits to make you feel confident, happy, comfortable, practical and to allow them to let you feel like the best version of YOU!

I want to help you find what suits you the best, how to start shopping smart, and how to create outfits that you LOVE and are excited to wear!  I’ll also be more than happy to teach you how to make the most out of your wardrobe and how to attain a style that is yours.

Style Coaching Session

Tired of wasting time and money on buying clothes that you don't even wear 80% of the time? A 1:1 styling service might be perfect for you.  In this one hour Personal Style Coaching Session via phone or Skype, you will learn how to dress for your body shape, accessories, discover your true style that you love, and most importantly, gain confidence in creating new looks! Isn’t that fun? 

Each Style Coaching Session varies depending on the client and what they are wanting to achieve.


Wardrobe Makeover

Wardrobe full of clothes, but you still never have anything to wear that you love?  Don't worry, you are not alone!  This package is one of my top selling packages, because women everywhere have the very same struggles as you do!  It is amazing how much you will learn in the 4 hours that we have together!  This package includes a 1 Hour Style Consultation and 3 hours in your wardrobe! You will finish the session feeling excited about your wardrobe, you will know what needs to be added (if anything), and you will feel confident in dressing for YOU!

Time frame - Allow 4 hours


Shopping & Styling Session

Let me take you through an unforgettable shopping and styling session that will help you get out of the style rut you're in.  I will help you learn how to dress for your body shape, discover your true style, teach you how to shop smart, and most importantly, you will gain confidence in creating new looks and accessorising, all while sticking to your budget and having fun along the way. 

The Shopping and Styling Session includes:

✓ Style Consultation
✓ Pre-shop (Completed online & in-store before we meet for your session)
✓ 3 hour Shopping & Styling Session
✓ 3 month styling support

Stuck in a style rut? Learn how to shop for your shape, lifestyle and budget with a 1:1 Styling Session with me! I’m your fun-loving, kind, and friendly Personal Stylist and Owner of Personalised Style. The styling sessions with me includes an online style questionnaire, followed by an over-the-phone Style Consultation.  Then with all the information that I need to know, I will head out to the location before you arrive to complete an intensive Pre-shop to select the best pieces for you! 

It is then your turn to meet up and enjoy your day with me while I create your personalised style and help you build looks that you absolutely love and feel great in!


Complete Style Overhaul