What do I receive in the E-Styling Emails?

You will receive 4 head-to-toe outfit images created by Karina, your Personal Stylist.  Plus Styling tips and advice to suit and flatter you.  As well as a list of the retail price and store that you can purchase it from.  You can take a look at one that was created for another client right HERE

Which  Membership  will  suit  me  the  best?

This really comes down to what you are wanting to achieve and how much help you think you need.  I have created Styling Packages to suit everyones needs and budgets.  You can take a look at them all right HERE

How  do  you  know  what  style  I  like?

With all of our Styling Packages, we start with a Style Consultation, this is where you are able to select from outfit images that best show your own style, and also the style/direction that you are wanting to achieve.  You also have the opportunity to give us even more detailed information about your style if you feel you need to after your style consultation.  Plus, I love all feedback from our clients, so you can update your information during your membership as well.

How  do  you  know  what  will  suit  my  shape?

In your Style consultation/questionnaire, we discuss areas of your body that you would like to enhance/minimise/disguise and celebrate!  This way, we can teach you how to dress for your own body shape, so you have confidence putting flattering outfits together and for future shopping. 

 Is  the  membership  payment  a  once  off?  

Yes it is! Each Membership is purchased on our site just like purchasing one of our products.  It is a once off payment, and when you are loving it and want to extend your membership, you can simply select how many months, and purchase that membership.  Again, as a once off payment.

Can  I  change  my  answers  in  the  consultation  during  my  membership?

Yes, simply Email me if you need to change your size, budget, lifestyle, and if you have changed the type of clothes that you originally needed. Eg. changed careers and need a more professional looking wardrobe.  I am here to help you!

How  many  images  do  I  receive  each  month? 

You will receive 4 Styled outfit images for each month of your Membership.  Each image also comes with Styling advice, tips and tricks so you know how to wear it, how to dress it up or down, and how you can bring your own pieces into it to create the look.

Where  were  your  stylists  trained? 

All of the Stylists at Personalised Style, including myself, have trained through the Australian Style Institute and are incredible Stylists!