Take a look and see what my clients have to say about my Styling services....

"Shopping with Karina was the greatest Mum day out! And buying clothes with somebody who actually knows about style was the best value for money, I walked away one very happy styled woman!”.
~ Raelene H - Shopping & Styling Session

“I Had the best time, doing my wardrobe makeover with Karina. So looking forward to getting out and about in my new outfits. Totally recommend it to anyone who is in a slump with what to wear.”

~ Debra L - Wardrobe Makeover

 "I had a great time with Karina I purchased some lovely clothes with Karina’s help, I highly recommend Personalised Style! It’s a 5 star service"

~ Tracey G - Shopping & Styling Session

 "WOW... I am so happy. I purchased the style success package and Karina has put so much effort in. With the wardrobe makeover I thought that will be easy as i clean out my wardrobe every 6 months. I had a bed full of clothes that no longer fitted me and didn't suit my body anymore. The shopping was the BEST. Karina helped me find clothes that suited me and made me feel good about myself. I held off for 3 years to do this style session. I wish I had done it sooner. Karina goes over and above for her clients. Thank you so much Karina. I feel like a new woman."

~ Christine H - Style Success Experience

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“My overall experience with Kaz was much better than I ever anticipated. Kaz made the whole occasion very relaxing & dare I say it, enjoyable. I've learnt a lot more in 4 hours than I have learnt in my lifetime, I would highly recommend her work to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut with their wardrobe or who just needs a little push in the right direction. Kaz was professional, had great ideas & actually made it fun :)

I now have less in my wardrobe but so many more outfits to choose from. Thank you Kaz xx”

~ Becky G - Wardrobe Makeover

 I cannot speak high enough of Personalised Style!  I always thought having a personal stylist is something only for the rich and famous, but Karina has made it available to everyone.  After having my little baby I was feeling a bit frumpy in all my clothes, after being styled I feel so confident.  I have loved every outfit, all of them have been very flattering.

Thank you so much Personalised Style!

~ Claire M - Shopping & Styling Session 

"Going shopping for a new outfit was always something I dreaded. I could never find anything that would fit my shape and ended up walking out of the shopping centre feeling defeated... Until I purchased the Style Mag from Personalised Style!! I now enjoy shopping for myself and do so regularly, knowing exactly what will suit my shape and style. I also feel great in what I wear and have no trouble finding the right fit for me. Thank you so much Karina! I couldn't recommend you enough!”

~ Emily J - Style Mag

Karina and Meiling are amazing! I had a wardrobe that - even though I'd culled it substantially - was half way between corporate hangover and casual wear. I needed a wardrobe overhaul to help me align my personal style with my new business brand (I'm a sole trader so I am my brand). Karina and Meiling made the whole thing absolutely seamless - from the consult, to the pre shop and the actual shopping trip which was so much fun! I usually hate shopping but the Personalised Style team made it really enjoyable. Thanks again girls!!!

~ Courtney R - Shopping & Styling Session - Sydney


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"Thanks so much Kaz, it was great! :) I was a little bit nervous at the thought of going through my wardrobe & going through the whole process with Kaz. I have clothes in there from years ago, clothes that I have only worn once, clothes that have never been worn, clothes that don't fit (one day I'll fit into them, yeah right!!) & I felt that in my wardrobe I had nothing to wear. But I was also excited to see what Kaz had in store for me & what the outcome was going to be. The initial start was nice as it gave me time to settle (with a lovely glass of champagne, ok maybe 2!!) & going through with Kaz what I like & don't like about shopping, colors & looking at fashion photo's to give her an indication of what style I'm leaning towards. This was interesting because everyone's judgement on what's edgy, feminine etc is different. It was then time to hit the wardrobe but firstly I had to look at myself in the mirror & tell Kaz what I look at first. This part I felt very uncomfortable because I never really look at myself in this way, I suppose everyone is uncomfortable with parts of their body?!! Kaz made me feel better by not stating what I thought was obvious, but telling me what she sees...good proportion, a great neckline and waist. We then venture into the wardrobe, trying on this & that, mixing & matching with scarves, tops, pants, jackets. It felt wonderful getting rid of a heap of clothes that really were just taking up space & not to mention just did not look good!! Kaz has taught me what length & style of pants & jackets work better with my body shape along with what accessories compliment me & also what to steer clear of.

The shop was amazing!! I LOVE what I have in my wardrobe now, my friends who love fashion (who I also admire for their style) are always giving me compliments and I notice them starting to dress how I do – not the other way around!

Thank you Kaz xx"

~ Jen W - Style Success Experience


 "When I decided to undergo a Style consult, wardrobe makeover and a shop, I was excited yet apprehensive.  Your wardrobe and your clothes are a very personal thing.  I had always struggled with shopping and obtaining my own personal style.  I lacked confidence when it came to trying new things.  I was always one to throw on tracksuit pants and Ugg boots.  I never looked well dressed when I left the house.  I knew that Karina would be able to help me.  I wasn’t sure how much benefit I would get out of the process but I was willing to give it 100%.

When I began this process I wanted to build confidence and find clothes that suit my body shape.  I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and no longer wear Ugg boots and tracksuit pants everywhere I went.

Once completing my makeover with Karina, I couldn’t believe how good I felt.  I was making excuses to go out, just so I could wear my new outfits.  She talked me through the whole shopping experience and what I should look for.  I found that Karina would pick things for me to try on that previously I didn’t think I could wear.  I have always struggled to buy pants and shorts.  Karina explained which styles are best for me to buy and which styles for me to stay away from.  I was completely surprised at which styles looked great on me.  She gave me the confidence to buy clothes and love wearing them, clothes that I would have avoided previously.

I was completely overwhelmed with the whole experience.  I remember Karina telling me that your wardrobe is a huge investment so you want to be able to wear ALL of it.  She told me that I would be able to wear 100% of my wardrobe once we were finished.  At the time I didn’t believe her.  I have NEVER worn 100% of my wardrobe, so I didn’t think this would change anything that dramatically.  Well I was wrong.  I know wear 100% of my wardrobe and the feeling in being able to do so is great!

Karina you are amazing at what you do.  Anyone who meets you will realize how much you love your job and it shows in your work.  You wok hard and you are extremely motivated.  You have made my wardrobe something I look forward to going through, instead of being totally overwhelmed and disheartened just thinking about it.  I am proud to say I am now a reformed Ugg boot wearer and the tracksuit pants are only worn to sporting events or around the house!! You have worked wonders for me Karina and I am extremely grateful.  I feel great about myself, and my new look and my husband thinks I look great too.  Thank you!!"

~ Brylie W - Style Success Experience 


 "Before we started my styling experience, I was very curious to see how Karina would go styling someone like me who hates shopping!

I really didn’t know what to expect with the style consult, wardrobe makeover and shop.

We started the style consult by simply having a chat and discussing what I like. This was great as it was all about me and the style that I wanted to achieve.

When we started the wardrobe makeover, Karina stood me in front of the mirror to look at myself - This I found quite confronting to start, as I usually can only see my flaws, but Karina showed me all of my best features and I found the whole experience up lifting.

The wardrobe makeover was great! We went through all of my clothes and she taught me what to wear, what not to wear, Illusion dressing, and what lengths sit better and why certain clothes are more flattering.

I felt great just having my wardrobe done, at this stage I started to get more excited to see what else she could do for me!!  We went for our shop and Karina said for me to have a look as well while we walked around and she picked out clothes for me. - I couldn’t find anything!  (as I hated shopping) Yet Karina had a handful of clothes for me to try on.  Most of them I would never have even considered to try!  But when I put them on, they were so flattering! They did everything that I wanted them to do! - They drew the eye to my best features, they were colourful and most of all I felt fantastic in them!! It wasn’t until after my shopping experience I realised that not once did I look at or notice my problem areas! - This has never happened!

I also loved the feeling of having my own personal stylist.  She took the “work” out of shopping - hanging the clothes back up, finding correct sizing, styles and colours. I felt very important and well-looked after.

The clothes that Karina found for me were fantastic, but the detail that she goes to is amazing! - Shoes, bags, clutches, jewellery, scarfs and underwear. Making sure my outfit is complete!

I am now more confident in shopping for myself, I know what length of pants/shorts/jackets/tops to wear and what to stay clear of.  Also, where the focus should be, instead of just trying to cover up my problem areas.

My wardrobe is now ‘workable’, and I wear everything in it. It is much more colourful and I enjoy getting ready! Especially with my ‘digital look book’ that Karina made! I use it on a weekly basis and love it!

Straight away I started getting compliments and people saying that I have lost a lot of weight! - which I haven’t!! So the instant weight loss was great too!  And for someone who really doesn’t like shopping, I can’t believe how enjoyable and fun it was!

My whole experience with Karina was fantastic and it was well above my expectations!  Thank you Karina!!"

~ Liz G - Style Success Experience


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